In three steps to new forms of leadership

Step 1: Who are you and what do you need?

You, your colleagues and employees explicitly reflect on your experience, inner needs and inner-work competencies.

Step 2: What fits you?

Your organization learns the differences between various leadership models.
It consciously chooses the model that best fits your needs.

Step 3: How do you design your new form of leadership?

Your organization develops the inner-work competencies, structures, and processes to make the model fit for you.

Our offers provide momentum for all three steps.

Clarification Session

What does New Work mean for us? Which offer will help us?

In a clarification session (1 hour), we discuss your expectations and concerns, illustrate possible paths toward self-organization with a few examples, and clarify which formats are right for you.

For a successful start.

Short Presentation

What does New Work look like in practice - in a real company that has implemented it?

In a short presentation (2 hrs.) we will present a concrete New Work case study, describe the path to self-organization and the tools that have helped us the most.

We discuss our successes and difficulties - and of course your questions. Afterwards, you and your team will be even more curious or disillusioned. Or both.

A first impulse for the topic in your company.

One-Day Workshop

Self-contact, self-reflection, motivation, feedback or leadership: How does all this work concretely in self-organization?

In a one-day workshop (4-8 hrs), we first give a more comprehensive introduction to self-organization before focusing on some key competencies that we work on with your team.

With targeted exercises and increased awareness, these skills can be integrated into your daily work routine.

We offer in-house workshops. Or you can sign up for previously organized workshops here.

We are happy to offer more in-depth sparring as a follow-up.


What does self-organization feel like? How do team meetings or feedback sessions go in self-organization?

During the shadowing (8 hrs.) we invite you to spend a "normal" working day with us in the organization. Experience the team processes and organizational culture for yourself, gain inspiration and concrete actions for your team. Part of the experience are extended 1:1 reflection conversations.


Why do external changes in structures and processes always require an internal transformation? And how do such "inner innovations" succeed? 

In two books "New Work needs Inner Work" (2019) and "The Unfolded Organization" (2022), we describe step by step how to introduce self-organization in a team or company. We combine the perspective of the entrepreneur (Joana) and the coach (Bettina) to explore, through organizing principles, concrete examples and exercises, which competencies are important to break down hierarchies and work in a more flexible and meaningful way.

Available here and on Amazon: New Work Needs Inner Work and The Unfolded Organization.

Online Courses

What does the future of work look like? What are the necessary steps? What inner competencies do we need?

Based on our insights, experience and expertise as entrepreneurs and organizational developers we have compiled more than 8 hours of video content for "New Work needs Inner Work". Included is an actionable plan with concrete exercises and examples that you can use to guide the change process in your team. Go to registration.

In the Inner Work Intensive course, you will learn the most important inner competencies to empower yourself and create an authentic and resilient (work) culture. Go to registration.

Who we address with our offers

We can work with you if you:

  • are a business, a social enterprise or a nonprofit organization,

  • founder, entrepreneur or executive,

  • an individual team or department,

  • core business or staff unit such as innovation, strategy or human resources,

  • coach or consultant.

We have supported in all of these settings in the past.

We can help with these typical questions:

  • What is New Work? What is self-organization?
  • This all sounds great. How do you make sure it doesn't end in chaos? How does that work specifically for you?
  • Does self-organization fit with our company's purpose and do people even want that?
  • For bosses: How much self-disempowerment does that mean for me and how do I deal with it?
  • For teams: Do we want to lead together at all?
  • We have already tried a lot. What is our next step?
  • What methodologies and formats could I use as a coach and consultant for other organizations?