Designing team leadership – more humane, more resilient, more adaptive to our complex world

In times of radical change, we ask ourselves new questions:

  • How can we become more self-organized as a team or company?
  • How do we find the organizational form and tools that suit us?
  • How do we navigate constant pressure and increasing complexity?
  • How do we lead distributed and virtual teams?
  • When we feel uncertain, what gives us orientation and security?
Our experience shows: The journey to new forms of leadership starts from within with self-contact, self-reflection and self-responsibility and stronger inner competencies of people and teams. These dramatically improve communication and dialogue skills and are the foundation for any further organizational change.
We can help to develop these forms.


Experience new forms of leadership
- live and with professionals who have implemented them.

We made the leap ourselves.

We are a network of experienced entrepreneurs and coaches.

Our organizations have been working in a self-organized way for years and are trying out new forms of cooperation every day.

It works and is urgently needed.

Our forms of leadership have made us more agile, more authentic and more crisis-proof.

We are convinced: Our digital world needs these profoundly different organizational forms and leadership cultures.

Inner Work is the foundation.

Our teams and organizations have consciously chosen the form of leadership that fits their inner attitudes and needs.

We have precisely identified the relevant inner competencies, constantly developed them and practice them every day.

With us you can experience self-organization.

We pass on this experience and make it tangible in lectures, workshops and experimental formats – so that you can better choose your own path afterwards.